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Twin Ports Radio LLC has signed on new FM translator W265DO/100.9 (Duluth), relaying NBC Sports Radio from KJOQ/1490. The 250-Watt translator received final approval Wednesday (1/17) and was on the air within a day. Twin Ports Radio, owned by Dan and Alana Hatfield, bought KJOQ and "92-1 The Fan" (WWAX Hermantown-Duluth) as part of the Red Rock Radio selloff last year. W265DO is the seventh FM translator to sign on in Duluth and the fifth to relay an AM station. (1/18/2018)

Some applications for FM translators that have been gathering dust at the FCC for 15 years may finally be sorted out this spring. A June 21 auction
has been set for competing applications that were filed in a 2003 window and never resolved. In the Upper Midwest, the competing applications are in Dubuque ($750 minimum opening bid); Gladstone, MI ($750); Menominee, MI ($1,500); La Crosse ($2,500); and Oshkosh ($3,500). (Here's the full national list.) Only those groups which applied in the 2003 window are eligible to participate, and it's not clear whether all are still interested -- some associated with the original filings have since passed away. FM translators are much more in demand now than they were in 2003 since they can now be used to relay AM and HD2 signals, though AM station owners have had several opportunities to procure translators in the past two years. (1/17/2018)

For the first time in television history, Ottumwa will finally have a full set of network affiliates with the launch of the market's first primary NBC channel. American Spirit Media's KYOU-TV has announced that it will begin carrying NBC on channel 15.2 sometime around Jan. 24, just in time for the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics. NBC will be carried in HD, joining FOX on channel 15.1 (KYOU has been a FOX affiliate since its 1986 sign-on). Grit will move from 15.2 to 15.3 and Escape, currently on 15.3, will be dropped, according to the station's replies to comments on its Facebook page. KYOU will continue to carry a 9 p.m. newscast on its FOX channel and there was no mention of any local newscasts being carried on the NBC channel.

NBC has never had a primary affiliate in the Ottumwa-Kirksville area. KTVO/3 (Kirksville), which is the only other station in the market, had a secondary NBC affiliation in its first few decades on the air but dropped it in the 1970's. (It's now owned by Sinclair and carries ABC on 3.1 and CBS on 3.2.) Other NBC affiliates are too far away to be received over the air in Ottumwa, though NBC affiliate WHO-TV (Des Moines) was carried on the Ottumwa Area Translator System until the system left the air more than four years ago. Cable and satellite systems in the market carry either the Des Moines or Kansas City NBC affiliates; there was no initial mention of cable and satellite availability of KYOU's new NBC channel, though KYOU-DT2 is currently seen on Mediacom channel 103 in Ottumwa. (1/14/2018)

The FCC has granted the following applications for new FM translators filed under last year's AM revitalization window:

  • Creston, IA: KSIB/1520, K271CT/102.1, 250W
  • Decorah, IA: KDEC/1240, K235CT/94.9, 250W
  • Spencer, IA: KICD/1240, K273DD/102.5, 250W
  • Brainerd, MN: KVBR/1340, W236DF/95.1, 250W
  • Detroit Lakes, MN: KDLM/1340, K245CU/96.9, 250W
  • Eveleth, MN: KRBT/1340, W285FP/104.9, 250W
  • Minneapolis, MN: KSTP/1500 (St. Paul), K231BO/94.1, 2W directional (this was a remaining application from the 2016 window)
  • Ortonville, MN: KDIO/1350, K233DL/94.5, 250W
  • St. Cloud, MN: KNSI/1450, K257GK/99.3, 250W
  • St. Paul, MN: KFXN/690 (Minneapolis), K285CQ/104.9, 100W [TL: New Hope]
  • Staples, MN: KNSP/1430, K253CK/98.5, 250W
  • Winona, MN: KAGE/1380, K268DJ/101.5, 200W
  • Ainsworth, NE: KBRB/1400, K292HE/106.3, 250W
  • Cozad, NE: KAMI/1580, K224FL/92.7, 250W
  • Hastings, NE: KICS/1550, K224FK/92.7, 250W
  • Dickinson, ND: KDIX/1230, K264CV/100.7, 250W
  • Lisbon, ND: KQLX/890, K297BX/107.3, 250W
  • Mayville, ND: KMAV/1550, K255DG/98.9, 250W
  • Rugby, ND: KZZJ/1450, K221GN/92.1, 250W
  • De Forest, WI: WPDR/1350 (Portage), W255DE/98.9, 250W
  • Janesville, WI: WHA/970 (Madison), W262DD/100.3, 250W
  • Medford, WI: WIGM/1490, W296DL/107.1, 250W
  • Milwaukee, WI: WRRD/1510 (Waukesha), W269DL/101.7, 200W
  • Tomah, WI: WBOG/1460, W267CO/100.7, 250W

The full list of applications is posted on the 2017 AM Revitalization Translator Applications page. (1/13/2018)

Sinclair Broadcast Group has opted to return the license for "My24" WCGV/24.1 (Milwaukee) following the spectrum auction.

Sinclair sold WCGV's spectrum on RF channel 25 in the auction for $84,317,523 and had originally indicated that it would retain WCGV's license by channel-sharing with sister CW affiliate WVTV/18. However, following this week's shutdown of the WCGV transmitter, Sinclair filed a cancellation application with the FCC, which was quickly granted. The move comes as Sinclair seeks approval to buy Tribune Broadcasting, which owns FOX 6 (WITI), and surrendering WCGV's license could help alleviate some regulatory concerns.

Returning WCGV's license means a loss of must-carry rights for its "My24" programming and presumably also means Sinclair will eventually have to stop using virtual channel 24.1. For now, the station's website indicates "My24" is being seen on virtual channels 18.2 and 24.1, both originating from WVTV's transmitter.

WCGV had been on the air since 1980 and became the market's first FOX affiliate in 1987, switching to UPN in 1995 after FOX went to WITI/6 and then to MyNetworkTV in 2006 when UPN ended its run.

Three other Milwaukee-market stations that surrendered their bandwidth in the auction have kept their licenses and continue to offer programming through channel-sharing agreements. (1/10/2018)

CBS has returned the license of KCCO-TV/7 (Alexandria) following its shutdown last month. CBS sold the VHF bandwidth of KCCO, which was a satellite of WCCO-TV (Minneapolis), in the spectrum auction for $9,987,598 and the station left the air Dec. 30. WCCO has been added to a translator system in Alexandria, but KCCO's shutdown leaves some rural areas of western Minnesota without over-the-air access to CBS, joining NBC and FOX. The region is served by full-power ABC affiliate KSAX/42.1 (Alexandria) and PBS station KWCM/10.1 (Appleton). (1/10/2018)

A company with ties to other southern Minnesota stations is buying Fairmont's longtime AM-FM combo, KSUM/1370 and KFMC/106.5. City of Lakes Media is buying the stations from Charles V. Woodward's Woodward Broadcasting for $800,000. Documents filed with the FCC indicate the deal also includes non-compete and consulting agreements for Woodward, who has owned the stations for several decades. 1kW KFMC carries a Farm/Country format and 100kW KFMC carries Classic Rock. City of Lakes Media is headed by Matt Ketelsen of Lakeville, who owns 25 percent of the company. Other owners include Lynn Ketelsen of Owatonna (25%), David Legault of West Concord (25%), and The JRL Revocable Trust of 2015 (25%). The Ketelsens and the Trust also hold interests in 18 other radio stations in southern Minnesota, including two in St. James and five in the Mankato market. An engineering statement shows that the combination complies with ownership caps. (1/8/2018)

The FCC has begun granting applications for new FM translators filed under last year's AM revitalization window. It appears tiny KTGO/1090 (Tioga, ND) was the first station in the nation to be granted an FM translator under this round -- a construction permit for K224FJ/92.7 (Tioga) was granted on Dec. 29. It appears no other applications from the window were approved until the new year.

Here are applications that had been granted as of Friday, Jan. 5:

  • Cherokee, IA: KCHE/1440, K234CX/94.7, 250W
  • Council Bluffs: KLNG/1560, K268DI/101.5, 175W (added 1/5)
  • Indianola, IA: KNIA/1320 (Knoxville), K232FR/94.3, 220W
  • Marshalltown, IA: KFJB/1230, K230CB/93.9, 250W (added 1/5)
  • Webster City, IA: KZWC/1570, K268DH/101.5, 250W
  • Escanaba, MI: WCHT/600, W228DQ/93.5, 250W
  • Hancock, MI: WMPL/920, W297CD/107.3, 250W
  • Manistique, MI: WTIQ/1490, W253CG/98.5, 250W
  • Bemidji, MN: KBUN/1450, K261EV/100.1, 250W
  • Blue Earth, MN: KBEW/1560, K237GT/95.3, 250W
  • Glenwood, MN: KXRA/1490 (Alexandria), K289CL/105.7, 250W (added 1/5)
  • Windom, MN: KDOM/1580, K276GN/103.1, 250W
  • Carrington, ND: KDAK/1600, K261EW/100.1, 250W (added 1/5)
  • Tioga, ND: KTGO/1090, K224FJ/92.7, 250W
  • Alliance, NE: KCOW/1400, K223CY/92.5, 250W (added 1/5)
  • Fremont, NE: KHUB/1340, K255DF/98.9, 250W
  • Kearney, NE: KXPN/1460, K221GM/92.1, 250W
  • Norfolk, NE: KTIC/840 (West Point), K254CX/98.7, 250W
  • Mitchell, SD: KORN/1490, 101.3, K267CN/250W (added 1/5)
  • Pierre, SD: KCCR/1240, K255DE/98.9, 250W
  • River Falls, WI: WEVR/1550, W226CK/93.1, 250W
  • Shell Lake, WI: WCSW/940, W224DN/92.7, 250W

The full list of applications is posted on the 2017 AM Revitalization Translator Applications page. (1/4/2018, updated 1/5)

KFIL/1060 (Preston) has gone off the air due to transmitter problems. The station, a 1kW daytimer, tells the FCC that its transmitter failed on Dec. 2 and that replacement parts are on order. KFIL is owned by Townsquare Media and was last known to simulcast the "True Country" format of KFIL-FM/103.1 (Chatfield-Preston), occasionally breaking away for some syndicated talk shows. (1/2/2018)

A retransmission consent dispute took NBC affiliate KNBN/21 (Rapid City) off DirecTV as of Jan. 1. KNBN is owned by Rapid Broadcasting and is the only locally-owned station in the Black Hills, as well as one of the last locally-owned network affiliates in the country. The Rapid City market covers the western third of South Dakota as well as parts of Wyoming and Montana. (1/2/2018)

The FCC has denied the Educational Media Foundation's application to change the community of license for a western Iowa station. KILV/107.5 (Castana, population 147), which carries EMF's "K-Love" network and has a rimshot signal to Sioux City, would have changed its community of license to Whiting (population 762) but kept its current transmitter site and 25kW facility. (Whiting is in the same county as Castana and is already the community of license for Powell Broadcasting's KKYY/101.3, which targets the Sioux City market). Though KILV is the only station licensed to Castana and the FCC generally doesn't allow changes that remove a community's only radio license, EMF argued that Castana should no longer be considered a community for allotment purposes due to its dwindling population and lack of businesses and full-time government employees. The FCC disagreed, noting that Castana is still incorporated and its population was already tiny when KILV signed on in 2001. Since KILV's coverage area would not change and stations are not required to target programming to their community of license, EMF's motivation for wanting to move KILV's icense is not completely clear. The application mentions EMF's desire to be in contact with more community leaders, though KILV would still not have had any local programming. (12/31/2017)

Several Milwaukee TV stations are coordinating upcoming changes as part of the FCC's spectrum auction repack, which will eventually affect almost every station in the market. According to notices posted on the station's websites and/or FCC filings, the following changes will take place on Jan. 8:

Sinclair Broadcast Group's WCGV/24.1 will end transmissions on RF channel 25. WCGV's programming will originate on the RF 18 transmitter of sister station WVTV, with WCGV "My 24" programming appearing on virtual channel 24.1 and Comet appearing on 24.2. WVTV will continue to use virtual channel 18.1 for its CW affiliaton. 18.2 currently airs getTV, which will be temporarily replaced by a simulcast of "My 24" for two weeks starting Jan. 2, along with a temporary two-week simulcast of Comet on 18.3. Wikipedia entries claim Grit, which has been seen on WCGV-DT3 (24.3), will move to Scripps' WTMJ-DT4 (4.4), but do not cite a source.

Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth's WVCY-TV/30.1 will end transmissions on RF channel 22. WVCY's programming will originate on the RF channel 33 transmitter of Tribune's WITI-TV under a channel-sharing agreement.

Milwaukee Area Technical College's WMVT/36.1 will end transmissions on RF channel 35. WMVT's programming will originate on the RF 8 transmitter of sister station WMVS. As previously reported here, the lineup will be: 10.1 PBS, 10.2 Create, 10.3 PBS Kids, 36.1 PBS, 36.2 PBS World, and 36.3 Weather, with all of those channels actually coming from VHF channel 8. WMVS has applied for a power increase from 32kW to 70kW.

Weigel Broadcasting, which currently has two full-power stations and two low-power stations in Milwaukee, will shift channels on several of its transmitters as a result of its WMLW-TV/49.1 (Racine) ending transmissions on RF channel 48. WMLW's programming will originate on the weaker RF 24 transmitter of sister station WBME-CD. WBME will continue to carry MeTV on virtual channel 41.1. The WMLW-TV transmissions originating on WBME's transmitter will be 49.1 "The M" Independent, 49.2 Bounce, 49.3 H&I, and 49.4 Decades. The Telemundo simulcast that had been seen on 49.4 will instead be seen on channel 58.4, swapping positions with Decades. WDJT will continue to carry CBS on 58.1, a MeTV simulcast on 58.2, and ThisTV on 58.3. WYTU-LD/63.1 also carries Telemundo but is slated to be displaced from its RF 17 transmission by a relocated WBME-CD later in the repack; it's unclear whether WYTU-LD will get a different RF channel. (Note: Weigel has changed its announced plans for the H&I and Decades channel positions since this item was first posted.)>/cite>

WTMJ-TV, WITI, WISN-TV, WVTV, WPXE-TV, WDJT, WBME-CD, and WMKE-CD will also be required to change RF channels at later points during the spectrum auction repack but are keeping their bandwidth. (12/28/2017, updated 1/4/2018)

Alexandria's over-the-air Selective TV system has added CBS affiliate WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) to its lineup ahead of the sign-off of WCCO satellite KCCO-TV/7 (Alexandria). KCCO-TV is slated to permanently leave the air at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 30 (late night Friday) after owner CBS sold its bandwidth in the FCC spectrum auction for $9,987,598. (See the earlier writeup for a history of KCCO.) Selective TV is apparently relaying WCCO-TV on K32EB-D, remapping to virtual channels 4.1 (CBS) and 4.2 (Decades).

However, Selective TV warns in the same post announcing the addition of WCCO that its entire system may leave the air if fundraising continues to fall short. The system consists of 15 low-power TV stations, some of which act as translators for Twin Cities commercial stations and the Appleton and Brainerd PBS stations. Other channels carry national networks including MSNBC, Reelz Channel, and Retro TV, as well as the separately-owned "KOOL-TV" channel carrying local programming and reruns. (12/26/2017)

Several Minnesota TV translators have gone off the air in recent days. In northern Minnesota, the translator system in the small community of Orr has gone off the air, citing financial difficulties. K24JR-D, K26KM-D, and K28LN-D are owned by Orr Area Minneonto II and had carried WRPT-PBS, WIRT-ABC, and KQDS-FOX. Minneonto Television had constructed the system in the late 1950's as part of a chain relaying Duluth TV signals north to Borderland. Minneonto's former Kabetogama and International Falls translators remain on the air under the ownership of Koochiching County.

In southern Minnesota, KEYC-TV (Mankato) says translator K38MY-D (St. James) has gone off the air because it was not able to reach a new tower lease. KEYC's main channel 12 signal, carrying CBS and FOX, already blankets the St. James area, but the translator helped get KEYC's signal to viewers whose antennas are pointed at the other St. James translators owned by the Cooperative TV Association of Southern Minnesota. (12/26/2017)

After more than a month of stunting with Christmas music, Cumulus Media's WKRU/106.7 (Allouez-Green Bay) has relaunched as "106-7 The Big Dog, Green Bay's Classic Rock." It replaces Adult Alternative "Kruz @ 106-7" and directly takes on Woodward Communications' heritage Classic Rocker WAPL-FM/105.7 (Appleton). "The Big Dog" includes the syndicated Bob & Tom morning show, which was heard in the market on WRQE/93.5 (New London) up until several years ago (though Bob Kevoian has retired from the show since it was last heard in the area). 106.7 had also carried a Classic Rock format as "The Eagle" for several years around the turn of the century. The new format began at 6 p.m. Christmas Day but had some launch issues - most songs for the first hour were distorted on the web stream, and a source reported distorted sound on the air as well. (12/25/2017)

Several stations in Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin are part of a proposed $13.3 million fine against Sinclair Broadcast Group for alleged violations of sponsorship identification rules. The fine is the largest ever proposed for such a violation, covering more than 1,700 instances in which Sinclair stations allegedly broadcast paid news stories or full-length programs without proper disclosures. The Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture says CBS affiliate KGAN/2.1 (Cedar Rapids) is accused of 30 violations, FOX affiliate KFXA/28.1 (Cedar Rapids) is accused of 29 violations, FOX affiliate WLUK/11.1 (Green Bay) is accused of 29 violations, and ABC affiliate KHGI/13.1 (Kearney) is accused of 21 violations, all in 2016. Most of the alleged violations are for paid news stories for Huntsman Cancer Institute that aired in local newscasts. (A paid news story is different from routine sponsorships in which the advertiser gets a commercial and billboard near a feature story or segment but does not control the editorial content.) Sinclair has 30 days to either pay the fine or seek a reduction or cancellation. The NAL comes as Sinclair seeks federal approval to buy Tribune Broadcasting. (12/21/2017, added Nebraska 12/22)

The FCC has granted the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe a construction permit for a new commercial FM station on 93.5 in Eagle Butte. The class C1 station, which has already been assigned the callsign KIPI, will use 100kW/203m. It will serve a large area of tribal lands in north-central South Dakota that have few other radio options. The West River Eagle reports that that the tribe hopes to sign the station on in the spring of 2018, and that it has obtained grants from several groups to help cover the $1.3 million construction cost. KIPI will carry music and cultural programming, with additional educational programming on an HD2 channel. (12/20/2017)

The Tom Barnard Show is coming to Duluth, according to a news release from KDAL/610. The station will carry the show from 5 to 8 p.m. beginning Jan. 2. The Tom Barnard Show, which is separate from Barnard's longtime top-ranked morning show on KQRS/92.5 in the Twin Cities, is a WestwoodOne podcast and has been heard on WBHR/660 (Sauk Rapids-St. Cloud) and KVBR/1340 (Brainerd) since last summer. On KDAL, Barnard will displace part of Patrick Reusse's Twin Cities-based show. KDAL is owned by Midwest Communications and is rebroadcast on W280FB/103.9 (Duluth). (12/19/2017, added WBHR 1/2)

The FCC has cancelled the license of a south-central Iowa radio station despite last-minute efforts by another area station to keep it alive. KMYQ/97.1 (North English) had been silent and faced a Sept. 28 deadline to return to the air. Though KMYQ's prospective buyers in Oskaloosa provided documentation that KMYQ returned to the air at full power on Sept. 27, the FCC had another concern: Whether KMYQ was actually on the air between 2013 and 2016. In October, the FCC's Audio Division sent the licensee a letter asking him to provide documentation that the station had been on the air, citing concerns about its frequent requests for special temporary authority to remain silent. Federal law says that stations automatically lose their license if they're silent for more than one year. The FCC now says in a Dec. 15 letter that the licensee failed to provide adequate documentation that KMYQ had been on the air, and that its license actually expired as a matter of law in 2014. (12/18/2017)

A few new FM signals have recently signed on in the greater Twin Cities area. New Culture Center in the Midwest applied for a license to cover new low-power FM station KQEP-LP/97.9 (St. Paul), which transmits from 90 Watts from a U of M-owned building on University Avenue. The station provides a strong signal to portions of St. Paul and Minneapolis. New Culture Center in the Midwest is a group "committed to preserving and sharing traditional Chinese culture." (Incidentally, the FCC has deleted the construction permit for another station that was to use 97.9, WRYA-LP Minneapolis, because it was not constructed by its Dec. 5 deadline.)

Meanwhile, W277CW/103.3 (New Richmond, WI) has signed on relaying the Hmong-language format of WIXK/1590 (New Richmond). W277CW transmits with 250 Watts from WIXK's transmitter site south of New Richmond, delivering a fringe signal to the eastern metro. The translator was moved west from Medford, WI, as a result of last year's AM revitalization window.

For a complete listing of all of the low-power FM stations in the metro, visit the Twin Cities Class D/LPFM Stations page. (12/13/2017)

A belated note of some channel changes and additions: In Rapid City, the CW affiliation moved from Rapid Broadcasting's KNBN-DT2/21.2 to Nexstar's KCLO-DT2/15.2 in September, but stayed on the same cable channel. KNBN, which is a primary NBC affiliate, switched 21.2 to MyNetworkTV, which it had previously carried on an analog low-power TV station. KCLO, a primary CBS affiliate, moved Ion from its DT2 to DT3. Meanwhile, KCLO and Nexstar's KELO-TV/11 (Sioux Falls) also added Escape on their DT4 channels. (12/12/2017)

Nexstar Broadcasting's WOI-DT/5 (Ames-Des Moines) has asked the FCC for permission to replace its VHF Low transmitter with a UHF transmitter. The ABC affiliate, which currently transmits on RF channel 5, would move to RF channel 34 with 835kW/566m from the TV tower farm north of Des Moines. It could continue to remap to virtual channel 5. The move is possible because Family Educational Broadcasting returned the license of KEFB/34 (Ames) last year and the channel was not reassigned to anyone else in the spectrum auction repack. As part of its application, WOI-DT submitted documentation of 66 complaints of reception problems. Digital TV stations transmitting on VHF Low (channels 2-6) are often difficult to receive with indoor antennas and are also susceptible to interference from electronic devices and power tools, as well as e-skip interference in more remote parts of the viewing area. Most former analog VHF Low stations chose to relocate to UHF in the digital transition, and WOI-DT is the only Iowa-licensed TV station still broadcasting on VHF Low (it was under different ownership at the time of the transition). Nexstar also owns CW affiliate KCWI/23.1 (Ames-Des Moines), which already transmits on UHF. (12/8/2017)

The FCC has fined a northern Wisconsin FM translator station owner $4,000 for originating programming on the translator in what the owner says was an engineer's error. Tea-Visz, Inc. owns W272AY/102.3 (Park Falls), which relays J&J Broadcasting's WIMI/99.7 (Ironwood, MI).

Heartland Communications, which then owned the full-power AM-FM combo in Park Falls, filed a petition to deny W272AY's license renewal application in 2012. Heartland submitted affadavits from listeners who said that on multiple dates in 2012, W272AY split off to carry its own "Oldies" music when WIMI was airing the Packers. (Heartland had the rights to carry the Packers games on one of its stations.)

Tea-Visz responded that since it was prohibited from rebroadcasting the Packers games, it intended to have W272AY go silent when the Packers were playing. Instead, Tea-Visz says WIMI's engineer wired the feed going to W272AY to go to music when the Packers were on WIMI, but the engineer changed the setup when he realized the error.

While the FCC Media Bureau's Audio Division found Tea-Visz apparently liable for $4,000 for the program origination violation, it found Heartland did not prove other allegations about FCC notifications and a relationship between the owners of W272AY and WIMI. Tea-Visz has 30 days to pay the fine or seek a reduction or cancellation. (12/5/2017)

The Classic Hits format at Saga Broadcasting's KIOA/93.3 (Des Moines) now has an `80s base with some songs from the `70s and `90s, recognizing an progression of the format heard on many Classic Hits outlets as time marches on. The refresh marks a continued evolution for a brand that has been on the FM dial since 1990, when it had a standard Oldies playlist running from the late `50s to 1972. Most of those songs are now heard on sister station "Pure Oldies 104.5." (12/3/2017)

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has applied to move its CBC Radio One station in Ear Falls, CBOI, from AM to FM. The current 40-Watt transmitter on AM 690 would be replaced by a 50-Watt signal on FM 95.5. Ear Falls' only other radio signal, a rebroadcaster of commercial Adult Contemporary outlet CKDR-FM (Dryden), recently moved its signal from AM to FM 97.5, also with 50 Watts. CBOI is considered a secondary transmitter of CBQT (Thunder Bay), though CBC Radio One stations in the Central time zone actually carry some of CBQT's programming on a one-hour delay and also carry the 5 p.m. hour of programming from CBW (Winnipeg). CBOI's move to FM is estimated to cost $90,000. The CBC has a number of other low-power AM repeaters in northern Ontario, some of which have authorization to move to FM. (12/3/2017)

Iowa Public Television has launched a fourth broadcast channel, essentially splitting up a hybrid channel that had carried children's programming during the evening and the Create network during other hours. On Dec. 1, the former "IPTV Learns" on DT2 became PBS Kids, with Create moving to a new DT4 channel fulltime. World Channel remains on DT3. The network reaches the entire state with nine full-power transmitters and a handful of translators. IPTV said Mediacom customers should be able to find the new PBS Kids on channel 794 by Dec. 6. (12/2/2017)

Canadian regulators have approved a new major FM signal for Winnipeg. The CRTC has granted Evanov Radio Group's application to move CKJS/810 to 92.7 with 35kW/154m (class B) from a tower south of the city. The AM signal will remain on the air for three months after the new FM signal signs on and then leave the air permanently, becoming the fourth Winnipeg AM station to go silent in the past quarter-century (joining 580, 630, and 1050). CKJS carries Ethnic and Christian programming, and Evanov said the move to the FM band is necessary to reverse a problem of declining revenues. The new CKJS-FM will force Baldev Gill's 50-Watt "Awaz 92.9" (CKYZ-FM) to change frequency, and the application prompted an opposition from CKYZ claiming that CKJS was simply trying to force it off the air. The CRTC decided that Evanov had followed proper procedures and stated that CKYZ should be able to find a new frequency. Evanov already has two FM signals in Winnipeg, which is the market cap for Canada, but CKJS does not count against the cap because it is licensed as an Ethnic station. (11/29/2017)

WSLD/104.5 (Whitewater) is getting a local owner. CMC Media LLC, headed by WSLD general manager Nora Karbash, is buying the station from Illinois-based WPW Broadcasting for $1.25 million. WSLD runs a Country format and has a good signal to Janesville and Fort Atkinson. WPW is also in the process of selling its AM-FM pair in Clinton, Iowa, and also owns an AM-FM pair in Muscatine, Iowa, and five stations in Illinois. (11/29/2017)

WCCO-TV/4 (Minneapolis) has returned to DISH Network after a retransmission consent dispute took the CBS affiliate off the provider for several days. The outage began early Tuesday morning (11/21) and affected CBS owned-and-operated stations in 17 markets as well as CBS Sports Network, Pop, and the Smithsonian Channel. DISH also removed its national SuperStation feed of CBS-owned MyNetworkTV affiliate WSBK (Boston). The dispute covered the last two days of Nielsen's November ratings period and Thanksgiving Day, keeping a holiday NFL game off DISH. (11/21/2017, updated 11/24)

New low-power FM station KRSM-LP/98.9 (Minneapolis) has announced plans to begin formal broadcasts on Friday, Nov. 24. Programming has already been streaming online since March. The 100-Watt station says it has a potential audience of about 300,000 people. It will feature community programming for South Minneapolis in six different languages, including Ojibwe and Spanish, created by more than 100 volunteers and hosts. KRSM is owned by Pillsbury United Communities and has a studio in the Waite House. For a complete listing of all of the low-power FM stations in the metro, visit the Twin Cities Class D/LPFM Stations page. (11/22/2017)

The flips to all-Christmas formats are underway, mostly on the same schedule and stations as in past years. Besides the WKRU flip (below), there's also a first-time flipper in Duluth: Midwest's "My 95-7" (KDAL-FM Duluth) went all-Christmas for the first time in the current Adult Contemporary format's history. The transition on Friday (11/17) coincided with the station's appearance in the Christmas City of the North Parade. The change follows a decision last year by Townsquare's "Kool 101.7" (KLDJ Duluth) not to make the switch after ten years in the seasonal format. Non-commercial "Life 97-3" (KDNW Duluth) is also running a Christmas preview weekend.

Other pre-Thanksgiving flips so far include "Kool 108" in Minneapolis, "B93.3" and "95.7 Big FM" in Milwaukee, WOLX in Madison, "Greatest Hits 98.1" in Eau Claire, "Y105" in Rochester, "Cities 104-3" in Grand Forks, "99.9 More FM" in St. Cloud, "More 104" in Des Moines, KDAT/104.5 and "Leo 1360" in Cedar Rapids, "Mix 96" in the Quad Cities, and "Star 104-5" in Omaha. Click here for the complete list. (11/19/2017)

Cumulus Media is apparently planning to launch a new format in Green Bay after Christmas. Adult Alternative outlet WKRU/106.7 (Allouez-Green Bay) went all-Christmas on Friday (11/17), abandoning its "KRUZ" slogan in favor of "Christmas @ 106-7." The stunt could be especially effective since Green Bay has not had a commercial station go all-Christmas since 2012. There are no obvious format holes in the market, which already has three Country formats run by Cumulus and Midwest and two CHR's operated by Midwest and Woodward. Nielsen 12+ ratings for the Spring 2017 ratings period, the most recent available, show WKRU to be the lowest-rated commercial FM station in the market, though several rimshot signals are not included in the publicly-released data. (11/17/2017)

The Minnesota Twins are returning to their original home, WCCO/830, next year. The team made the official announcement Friday, a day after the Star Tribune broke the news. The announcement came hours after Entercom took over WCCO and other stations from CBS Radio (representing a return for Entercom to the market a few decades after selling its last group here). WCCO had been the Twins' flagship from when the team started in 1961 through 2006. Previous flagship "Go 96.3" (KQGO Edina-Minneapolis), which shares ownership with the Twins and carries an Adult Alternative format, had given the team its first FM home but lacks strong coverage of outlying parts of the metro area. Though Twins play-by-play will apparently no longer be heard on FM in the metro, Entercom's "Buz'n @ 102-9" (KMNB) and "104.1 Jack FM" (KZJK St. Louis Park-Minneapolis) will carry some Twins coverage. (11/17/2017, updated 11/18)

Gendreau Broadcasting is buying KCLN/1390 and KMCN/94.7 (Clinton) from WPW Broadcasting for $240,000. Gendreau Broadcasting is owned by Brad and Ashley Gendreau of nearby Thomson, IL, who the station reports also own two fitness clubs and an auto body shop. The new owners began operating the stations on Oct. 31 through a local marketing agreement. KCLN runs Soft Oldies while KMCN carries `80s and `90s Hits as "MaC FM." The stations compete with locally-owned Full Service outlet KROS/1340. Clinton, population 26,000, is under the umbrella of the Quad Cities market. (11/6/2017, updated 11/14)

Milwaukee PBS has announced that it will retain virtual channel 36 but change some channel assignments when it surrenders one of its stations' bandwidth as a result of the FCC's spectrum auction. WMVT will surrender its RF channel 35 bandwidth on Jan. 8, and the WMVS transmitter on RF channel 8 will originate both virtual channel 10 (WMVS) and virtual channel 36 (WMVT). The lineup will include main PBS programming on channels 10.1 and 36.1, Create on 10.2 (moving from from 36.3), PBS Kids remaining on 10.3, World Channel on 36.2 (moving from 10.2), and weather programming on 36.3 (moving from 10.4). Jazz and Classical music audio channels were already dropped this fall, and a channel showing traffic cameras will be discontinued. WMVS/WMVT owner Milwaukee Area Technical College received $84,931,314 to shut down the RF channel 35 transmitter of WMVT. (11/14/2017)

VCY America's FM signal in Duluth has changed frequency after receiving complaints about interference to WIMI/99.7 (Ironwood, MI). W259CV/99.7 signed on from the Duluth antenna farm at the beginning of the year and has now relocated to 97.7 as W249CX. WIMI says it received a number of complaints from listeners as far west as Brule and Iron River, WI, stating that they were receiving interference to WIMI's signal. (WIMI was also fairly easy to receive on the Duluth hillside prior to W259CV's sign-on, though it did not submit any letters from former Duluth listeners.) The FCC granted W259CV's move to 97.7 on Nov. 9 and the change was made within days. The translator retained its 250 Watts of power with the move to 97.7. It relays VCY America's Christian network from WQRM/850 (Duluth). (11/4/2017, updated 11/12)

Madison CBS affiliate WISC-TV/3 has added weekend morning newscasts, airing Saturday from 5 to 6 and 8 to 9 a.m. and Sunday from 6:30 to 8 a.m. The station reports the newscasts launched on Nov. 4, which was the second weekend of Nielsen's November ratings period. The city's two other TV news outlets already have weekend morning newscasts: NBC affiliate WMTV/15 airs two hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday while ABC affiliate WKOW/27 airs one hour each day. WKOW's newscast is also relayed on sister Quincy Media stations in several other Wisconsin markets. (11/12/2017)

The FCC has approved an FM station's move-in into the Quad Cities market: WQUD/105.5 (Erie, IL) will change to 107.7 and move its transmitter to a site east of the metro area using 6kW/97m (class A), delivering a city-grade signal to most of the Quad Cities area. WQUD signed on two years ago with a "Vintage Radio" format of `60s to `80s Rock and Country. The station is owned by John Muhich and Robert Walker's JMRW, LLC. The Quad Cities are one of the more under-radio'ed markets in the region, with only seven full-power commercial FM stations delivering city-grade signals to Davenport. (11/11/2017)

Midwest Communications has signed on 250-Watt K286CN/105.1 (Sioux Falls), relaying the News/Talk format of KELO/1320. The translator was moved north from Iowa as a result of last year's AM revitalization window. KELO is already relayed on the rimshot signal of KELQ/107.9 (Flandreau-Sioux Falls), but the translator provides stronger coverage to Sioux Falls itself. An article about 105.1's launch on KELO's website quotes Brand Manager Greg Belfrage as saying there are "no immediate plans to make changes on FM 107.9." The article touts 107.9 as a signal for Brookings and Flandreau, both of which are outside the geographic boundaries of the Sioux Falls metro as defined by Nielsen Audio. KELO's lineup includes a local morning show hosted by Belfrage and syndicated conservative talkers including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. (11/11/2017)

A "Fiesta" is beginning as the "Sun" sets in Sioux City: K246CJ/97.1 (Sioux City) and its AM originating station, KZOI/1250 (Dakota City, NE), have dropped the syndicated "Sunny Radio" `80s Hits format in favor of "La Fiesta." It's the first Spanish-language FM station in Sioux City, a market which Nielsen says is 17 percent Hispanic. "La Fiesta" competes with the Spanish Adult Hits format of iHeartRadio's "La Preciosa" (KWSL/1470). KZOI is owned by "Sunny Radio" operator Cup O' Dirt, LLC; its owner John Small describes the change as a difficult financial decision in a Facebook post but says they are working on bringing "Sunny" back to the Sioux City dial. (11/10/2017)

Two Aberdeen-area AM stations have gone silent as a new owner prepares to convert them back to commercial status. Robert J. Ingstad's KKAA, LLC consummated his $85,000 purchase of KKAA/1560 (Aberdeen) and KQKD/1380 (Redfield) from Family Stations on Oct. 31 and immediately took the stations off the air, according to notifications of suspension of operations filed with the FCC. Family Stations had been running their non-commercial Christian network on the stations, but Ingstad tells the FCC he intends to convert the stations back to commercial status and possibly make other technical modifications. Both stations have pending applications for FM translators in their respective communities of license. Ingstad had previously owned the stations as part of a larger group before divesting them to Family Stations to clear the way for a merger in 2004, but Ingstad later exited the market.

11/12 update: Robert J. Ingstad is also seeking FCC approval to transfer KKAA's license from KKAA, LLC to i3G Radio, LLC for $60,000. i3G is a partnership between siblings Robert J. Ingstad, Todd Ingstad, and Tallie Colville. KQKD would remain owned by KKAA, LLC. (11/6/2017, updated 11/12)

CBS affiliate KCCO-TV/7 (Alexandria) plans to leave the air permanently at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 30, the station
tells the FCC. KCCO owner CBS sold the station's bandwidth for $9,987,598 in the FCC spectrum auction earlier this year. Its VHF channel 7 bandwidth was not reallocated to any other station.

KCCO had originally indicated its intention to channel share, meaning the station would retain its license by originating its programming on another station's transmitter, but the new filing does not indicate any such deal is in place. It currently carries CBS on 7.1 and Decades Network on 7.2 in a full rebroadcast of WCCO-TV/4 (Minneapolis). KCCO tells the FCC that it is working to get WCCO's signal added to an area translator system and working with a few cable providers to switch their feeds from KCCO to WCCO.

KCCO signed on as standalone NBC/ABC affiliate KCMT-TV in 1958 and was originally the only station receivable in much of west-central Minnesota. It added satellite KNMT/12 (Walker) in 1964, and the stations changed their affiliation to CBS in 1982. However, the station's ratings began to decline and the Alexandria/Walker market started to lose counties after cable systems and translators brought Minneapolis TV signals to more households in western Minnesota.

Midwest Communications, then the owner of WCCO, bought the stations in 1987 and converted them to semi-satellites as KCCO/KCCW, folding the remaining counties of the Alexandria/Walker market (then #183) into the Minneapolis market. KCCO/KCCW continued a full-length newscast for a few years after the sale, but local news was later reduced to cut-ins and discontinued completely in 2002. Here's a retrospective the station ran when its 6 p.m. newscast ended.

KCCW, serving north-central Minnesota, will remain on the air as a full satellite of WCCO. The Alexandria area is also served by Hubbard Broadcasting's KSAX/42 (a satellite of ABC affiliate KSTP-TV St. Paul), as well as "Pioneer Public Television" (KWCM/10 Appleton) and a number of low-power TV/translator systems. "Kool TV" launched several years ago on Alexandria's Selective TV LPTV system carrying local news and sports broadcasts. (11/5/2017)

Midwest Communications has signed on two new FM signals in Fargo-Moorhead: K231CV/94.1 rebroadcasts the News/Talk format of KFGO/790, while K297BW/107.3 rebroadcasts Sports talk from "The Fan" (KNFL/740). The translators broadcast with 250 Watts from the KVOX-FM tower in Moorhead. Both were moved into the market as a result of last year's AM revitalization window. They join two competing AM-on-FM translators in Fargo along with two competing translators fed by HD2 channels. A complete listing is available on the North Dakota Radio Markets page. (11/4/2017)

iHeartRadio's "Mix 96" (KMXG/96.1 Clinton-Quad Cities) is due to become the first Upper Midwest station to flip to all-Christmas. The station is promoting a flip from its regular Adult Contemporary playlist on Monday, Nov. 6, at 6:15 a.m. Two other all-Christmas stations are already up and running in the region, "North Pole Radio" on WXXM-HD2 (Sun Prairie-Madison) and "The Gift" on W291CJ/106.1 (Marquette), but neither interrupted a regular format. Once again this year, you can track the flips on the All-Christmas List and follow the links to compare previous years. (11/4/2017)

FCC filings indicate Woodward Communications has recently signed on two new FM signals in the Oshkosh area. W256DD/99.1 relays the Sports Talk format of WSCO/1570 (Appleton), while W292FA/106.3 relays the News/Talk/Sports format of WHBY/1150 (Kimberly-Appleton). Both are licensed to Oshkosh but rimshot the north end of the city from the WHBY tower site north of town, using 250 Watts. The translators were moved to the area as a result of last year's AM revitalization filing window. Both WHBY and WSCO are also relayed on FM translators in Appleton. Woodward also indicates in an FCC filing that it intends to switch W292DR/106.3 (De Pere) to WHBY, giving WHBY a rimshot signal to Green Bay. (11/2/2017)

The FCC will allow an investment company headed by Phil Falcone to purchase hundreds of low-power TV licenses nationwide, including a half-dozen in Minneapolis, from several licensees after reaching a consent decree with the sellers. The deals call for Falcone's HC2 Holdings to buy a majority interest in DTV America for $13,200,158 and to buy assets from King Forward, Tiger Eye Broadcasting, Tiger Eye Licensing, and Bella Spectra for $2,672,707.

In recent years, the sellers have moved many of their licenses closer to major cities, including Minneapolis, but the FCC says they appear to have violated its rules:

"The Licensees’ pattern of repeated station moves occurred as follows: (1) filing of a construction permit to relocate the station within 30 miles of its current licensed site, which site often would be located in an empty field, parking lot, or base of an existing tower; (2) upon grant of the construction permit, the Licensees would construct the facilities using equipment that it did not intend to leave in place permanently; (3) the Licensees would file a license application; (4) following grant of the license application, the Licensees would apply for special temporary authority to be silent on the ground that the station could not continue to transmit a broadcast signal 'due to reasons beyond the applicants control,' at which point the Licensees would remove the equipment from the site and file for a new construction permit at a location up to 30 miles from the location set forth in the recently granted license. Licensees employed these practices repeatedly for many of the Stations, with the ultimate intent of moving each such station more than 30 miles from the station’s originally licensed site."

The consent decree says temporarily constructed facilities do not satisfy its construction requirements. It says HC2 is a "qualified, third-party successor-in-interest" who was not aware of, or involved in, the sellers' alleged noncompliance with FCC rules. As part of the consent decree, the sellers will pay a $1.5 million civil penalty and relinquish 31 licenses, including K28NF-D Fort Dodge, WDUE-LD Minneapolis, and W21DG-D Wausau.

The stations included in the deal are too numerous to list here, but are listed beginning on page 17 of the order and consent decree. HC2 Holdings is separately buying other LPTV stations from Three Angels Broadcasting Network and Mako Communications. (11/1/2017)

With news of WCCO legend Roger Erickson's passing (read coverage from WCCO, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press), here's a previously-unshared aircheck of WCCO's Boone & Erickson morning show (6:00 hour) from Monday, Nov. 28. 1994. It was a day with a moderate amount of school closings, and while that made it an atypical show, it's the kind of show that was likely heard by many more listeners than usual. Click here to listen.

Mid-West Family Broadcasting has launched "The Resistance," an Alternative format, on WRIS-FM/106.7 (Mount Horeb). The frequency was formerly WOZN-FM, simulcasting a "Zone" Sports format with WOZN/1670 (Madison), but became an extra signal when WOZN launched translator W244DR/96.7 a few weeks ago. 106.7 delivers only a fringe signal to the capital city, but audiences are sometimes willing to seek out niche formats like Alternative. (A previous format on 106.7, Hip-Hop, performed well enough to be upgraded to a stronger signal.) "The Resistance" has no direct commercial competitor, falling musically between University of Wisconsin student station WSUM/91.7 (Madison) and Entercom Adult Alternative outlet "105.5 Triple M" (WMMM-FM Verona-Madison). (10/31/2017)

The Linder family's KNSG/107.5 (Marshall), formerly KARZ, has flipped from Rock to Sports as "The Fan." The new format debuted Monday (Oct. 30) after two weeks of stunting with commercial-free Rock. The lineup includes the Minneapolis-based FAN Network during the day, FOX Sports Radio at night, and play-by-play of the Vikings, Wild, and several local teams. It's apparently the first time a talk-based format has appeared on commercial FM radio in southwestern Minnesota. 107.5 traded callsigns with the former KNSG/94.7 (Springfield-Marshall), which continues to carry a Classic Hits format as "Cars." The Linders also own Top 40 outlet KKCK/99.7 and News/Talker KMHL/1400 in Marshall. (10/30/2017)

KIMM/1150 and K294BT/106.7 (Rapid City) will flip from News/Talk to Sports on Monday (Oct. 30), the Rapid City Journal reports. The change comes on the same day that Nate Brown's Black Hills Broadcasting LLC takes over the station through a time brokerage agreement reported here earlier this month; Brown's company is in the process of buying the station from Aasen Publishing for $175,000. The paper reports that the new KIMM will carry FOX Sports Radio and Brown will host a local show from 4 to 6 p.m. The new format will compete with Haugo Broadcasting's "ESPN Rapid City" (KTOQ/1340 and K289AI/105.7). KIMM's News/Talk format had included Imus in the Morning, Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, and Mark Levin. The change leaves Duhamel Broadcasting's KOTA/1380 and K264CP/100.7 (Rapid City) as the only News/Talker in the market. (10/29/2017)

Three years after becoming central Nebraska's NBC affiliate, Gray TV's KSNB-TV/4.1 has rebranded as "Local 4." The station had used the "NBC Nebraska" slogan since 2014, when Gray moved the affiliation from the former KHAS-TV/5 (Hastings) to KSNB and divested KHAS-TV's license to comply with ownership caps. KSNB-TV uses the former KHAS-TV building in Hastings. Its community of license, Superior, is located about 40 miles southwest of Hastings, while its transmitter is located 50 miles east of Hastings near York. KSNB-TV's programming is also relayed on subchannels of Gray CBS affiliates KOLN (Lincoln) and KGIN (Grand Island), the latter of which provides a stronger signal to the Hastings area. Gray continues to use the "NBC Nebraska" brand on stations in the North Platte and Scottsbluff markets. (10/28/2017)

Southwest Twin Cities metro station KQSP/1530 (Shakopee), which recently got new owners, has returned to the air with a News/Talk format. The station had carried a Tropical format until going silent on Oct. 26, 2016, and faced an Oct. 27 deadline to resume broadcasting. New owners Nevada Radio, LLC consummated their $200,000 purchase of KQSP from Yong W. Kim's Broadcast One on Oct. 18, and the station returned to the air Monday carrying programming from USA Radio Network, of which Nevada Radio co-owner Fred Weinberg is CEO. KQSP is licensed for 8.6kW daytime and 10 Watts at night from a two-tower directional array near the Minnesota River in Chanhassen. It has a pending application for a new 250-Watt FM translator on 99.1, which would transmit from the WLOL/1330 tower in Savage. (10/23/2017)

A New York investment company headed by Phil Falcone is buying 14 Class A TV stations from the Three Angels Broadcasting Network, including its affiliates in Minneapolis and Madison. HC2 Station Group will pay $9.6 million for the stations, according to the asset purchase agreement. They include K33LN-D/33.1 (Minneapolis) and W23BW-D/23.1 (Madison). 3ABN will retain the right to program one channel on each station. (Class A TV stations operate at the same power level as low-power TV stations but get extra rights in exchange for complying with more regulations.) (10/20/2017)

Two Lincoln TV signals are off the air after a tower collapse on Friday. There are no reports of injuries after the collapse of the 500-foot tower that carried the signals of Sinclair FOX affiliate KFXL-TV/51.1 (RF channel 15) and a translator of Gray NBC affiliate KSNB on channel 18. FCC records indicate the tower at 4100 Industrial Avenue was owned by David Brachter and was constructed in 1990. Both stations continue to be available on cable and satellite, and both are seen on other transmitters serving other parts of the market. Lincoln residents can also receive Omaha's FOX and NBC affiliates over the air. (10/20/2017)

Mid-West Management has signed on two new FM signals in Madison. W233CN/94.5 relays the "Movida" Latin Contemporary format of WLMV/1480, while W244DR/96.7 relays the "Zone" Sports format of WOZN/1670. The translator licenses were moved south from Ironwood and Park Falls, respectively, as a result of last year's AM Revitalization filing window. W233CN transmits with 250 Watts from the WLMV/WOZN transmitter site near Capital Springs State Park and W244DR transmits with 230W from the WMGN/98.1 site south of the city. WOZN's programming is also simulcast on WOZN-FM/106.7 (Mount Horeb). (10/19/2017)

WZMQ/19 (Marquette) is getting new owners who operate major network affiliates in several other markets. WZMQ LLC, owned by siblings Brian Lilly and Kevin Lilly, is buying the station from MMMRC, LLC for $103,475. The buyers began operating WZMQ on Oct. 11 through a local marketing agreement. The Lillys also have TV stations in Pennsylvania, New York, and Hawaii. WZMQ is affiliated with MeTV on its primary channel, This TV and MyNetworkTV on DT2, and Antenna TV on DT3. The station had requested special temporary authority to go off the air earlier this year, telling the FCC it had "suffered consistent losses during its operating history," but said in a subsequent filing that the station never actually went off the air. (10/18/2017)

The first Christmas flip of the season? Kind of. The HD2 signal of WXXM/92.1 (Sun Prairie-Madison) is being used to originate iHeartRadio's "North Pole Radio" format, which consists mainly of Christmas favorites from the `50s and `60s. It's not clear exactly when WXXM-HD2 began carrying the format. iHeartRadio uses HD2 channels of many of its stations to originate national programming carried on the iHeartRadio platform. (10/17/2017)

The owner of two radio stations in south-central Iowa is seeking FCC approval to buy a third station in the region, which the buyers put back on the air one day before its license was due to expire. The deal calls for newly-formed KMYQ Media LLC to buy KMYQ/97.1 (North English) from Justin McLuckie for $2,500. KMYQ Media is owned 10 percent by Greg Watts and 90 percent by Mahaska Media Group LLC, which is held by Branden Muhl, the co-owner of KBOE-FM/104.9 and KMZN/740 (Oskaloosa). Watts is the GM of the station and tells the FCC that KMYQ returned to the air at full power on Sept. 27. McLuckie had taken KMYQ off the air on Sept. 27, 2016 and says in the asset purchase agreement that he had removed KMYQ's equipment in anticipation of letting the license expire due to the "economic infeasibility relating to the continued operation of the station." KMYQ is licensed for 3.9kW/40m (class A) serving a rural area between Oskaloosa and Iowa City. Its current format is uknown. KMYQ was first licensed in 2012 but has repeatedly received FCC permission to remain silent. A 2014 deal to sell the station to a Kansas-based broadcaster was never consummated. (10/16/2017)

iHeartMedia has brought Adult Standards back to Cedar Rapids on KMJM/1360. The new "Leo 1360" is named in honor of the late Leo Greco, who hosted the "Variety Time" show on sister station WMT/600 for several decades before his death in 2011. "Variety Time" continues on WMT Sunday mornings from 7 to Noon and is simulcast on "Leo 1360." The new format also includes NBC News. The KMJM callsign is a holdover from when the station carried a similar format in the early 2000's, which was followed by Sports and then Classic Country. KMJM is rebroadcast on 30-Watt K268CY/101.5, which is licensed to Cedar Rapids but has only a deep fringe signal to the city due to its location at the WMT transmitter site northeast of Marion. (10/10/2017)

KNCY/1600 (Nebraska City) has reverted to Classic Country, a format it had carried until adding a simulcast on K288GS/105.5 (Nebraska City) in 2014. The stations had carried an information-heavy Classic Hits format for the past several years, first as "Big Apple News Radio" and then "News Channel Nebraska." The new "Otoe County Country" format on KNCY/K288BS launched Monday, Oct. 9, and carries a pre-1990 playlist complementing the Country format of sister station "B103" (KBIE/103.1 Auburn-Nebraska City). The stations are owned by Flood Broadcasting, which also operates a local cable channel under the "News Channel Nebraska" name and has radio stations and low-power TV stations elsewhere in the state. (10/10/2017)

A Christian broadcaster is spinning off a commercial AM station it recently acquired as part of a merger. Galaxie Broadcasting LLC is buying WJUB/1420 (Plymouth) from The Family Radio Network, formerly known as Evangel Ministries, for $90,000. Evangel merged earlier this year with Jubilation Ministries, which had owned WJUB and WSTM/91.3 (Kiel). Galaxie, owned by Stuart A. Muck of Fond du Lac and David J. Hendrickson of Waldo, has been operating WJUB under a local marketing agreement since August. WJUB carries an Adult Standards format as "The Breeze." (10/10/2017)

When is good news also bad news? When your market ranking goes up despite losing households. Nielsen Media's newly-released market rankings for the 2017-2018 TV season show Fargo rose three spots in the rankings to market 113, while Duluth and Rapid City each rose two spots to numbers 140 and 170, respectively. However, Nielsen's 2017-2018 numbers compared with 2016-2017 show all three markets, and many others, lost TV households as the number of TV households fell 2.2 percent nationally. Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, and Cheyenne-Scottsbluff each rose one spot in the market rankings, while all other Upper Midwest markets were either flat or fell on the list. (10/9/2017)

An Alternative format has launched on the St. Cloud area's W293CS/106.5, originating on the HD3 signal of Tri-County Broadcasting's WHMH/101.7 (Sauk Rapids-St. Cloud). The translator had previously relayed the Adult Standards format of Tri-County's WMIN/1010 (Sauk Rapids-St. Cloud). The switch to Alternative, which apparently happened about a month ago, comes after Townsquare Media dropped "REV 96-7" in favor of Classic Hits "The River" on KZRV (Sartell-St. Cloud). 106.5's format does not have a name other than its frequency and is positioned as the "new rock alternative" and "music for a new generation." It apparently has no web or social media presence; here is an audio sample of the imaging. (10/8/2017)

Iowa Public Radio has signed on new translator K284CN/104.7 (Ames), relaying the IPR News network from WOI/640. The new 250-Watt signal transmits from a tower near WOI's studio on the Iowa State University campus. It's the only FM outlet carrying IPR News 24 hours per day, since other IPR FM signals either carry a mixture of News and "Studio One" Adult Alternative programming or 24-hour Classical. The translator permit was moved west from Iowa City as a result of last year's AM revitalization filing window. (10/8/2017)

The FCC has dismissed an informal objection from a Cedar Rapids station and will allow a new station to have a stronger signal to the city than originally permitted. Plus Charities' KMMK/88.7 (Coggon), which is not yet on the air, has been seeking a "Raleigh waiver" to move its transmitter closer to Cedar Rapids with 25kW/94m (class C3), adding most of Cedar Rapids to its 60 dbu contour. Kirkwood Community College, the owner of KCCK/88.3 (Cedar Rapids), objected, saying Raleigh waivers are only supposed to be used to upgrade existing stations, not new stations. The FCC has now stated that new permittees can be eligible for a Raleigh waiver and granted KMMK's application. The action also extended KMMK's deadline to get on the air to 2020. (10/6/2017)

Big Radio has announced plans to launch a `90s Hits format on two FM signals along the stateline. "The Beat 92.3 and 98.9" is slated to launch Monday, Oct. 9, on W222AU/92.3 (Beloit) and W255CZ/98.9 (Janesville), both of which will relay WBEL/1380 (South Beloit, IL). W255CZ was moved west from Michigan as a result of the AM revitalization window and W222AU was purchased from another local broadcaster. The change will displace a broad Oldies format currently heard on WBEL, a 5kW station with regional coverage. "The Beat" lineup will include Micki Morgret in the mornings, Paul Michaels middays, Liz Rudolph afternoons, and Wayne "Grizzly" Adams evenings. The station is operated by Ben Thompson and his father, Scott. (10/5/2017)

KEYC/12 (Mankato) has announced plans to add a morning newscast in January. "KEYC News 12 This Morning" will air from 6 to 7 a.m. on the station's primary CBS channel, anchored by Lisa Cownie, Kelsey Barchenger and Meteorologist Tom Clements. The station currently airs half-hour newscasts at Noon, 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 on its main channel and at 9:00 on its FOX subchannel. KEYC is the only station in the Mankato market, competing with Twin Cities stations. (10/3/2017)

Members of the Ingstad family are adjusting their radio holdings in the Red River Valley. Three members of i3G Media LLC are buying out the fourth member, with Robert J. Ingstad, Todd Ingstad, and Tallie Ingstad Colville buying out Tami Ingstad Knudson's shares in the company for $50,000. (The four are siblings.) i3G currently owns KQLX/890 (Lisbon) and KQLX-FM/106.1 (Lisbon). It is also the proposed assignee of KBMW/1450 (Breckenridge) and KBMW-FM/92.7 (Breckenridge), which i3G is buying from Brooke Ingstad's Radio Wahpeton Breckenridge LLC for $925,000. Radio Wahpeton Breckenridge retains ownership of KEGK/106.9 (Wahpeton-Fargo). Brooke Ingstad also owns 11 percent equity in a company headed by her father, James Ingstad, which owns six stations in the Fargo market.

In another recently-filed deal, five members are exiting Scott Hennen's Bakken Beacon Media LLC and one is entering. The company owns WZFG/1100 (Dilworth-Fargo) and KTGO/1090 (Tioga). Gregory Butler, Eugene Graner, Fred Evans, Kathleen Neset, and Walter Grotte are selling their combined 77.4 percent equity in the company for $538,130. After the transaction is completed, Hennen and Steven Hallstrom will each own 50 percent of the company. (10/3/2017)

A Black Hills Talk station is getting a new owner: its afternoon host. Nate Brown's Black Hills Broadcasting LLC is buying KIMM/1150 (Rapid City) and K294BT/106.7 (Rapid City) from Aasen Publishing for $175,000. Brown, who owns all of the equity in the buying company, hosts a Sports talk show on the station from 2 to 4 p.m., according to the KIMM website. The buyer will take over operations of the station on Oct. 30 through a time brokerage agreement. (10/2/2017)

iHeartMedia has done some tweaking at its Contemporary Hits station in Cedar Rapids amid a three-way Top 40 battle. KOSY-FM/95.7 (Anamosa-Cedar Rapids) has changed its slogan from "Y95-7" to "Hot 95.7," keeping Elvis Duran's syndicated morning show and adding Ryan Seacrest in middays. Local hosts air in the afternoon and evening. "Hot 95.7" battles locally-owned "Z102.9" (KZIA) and Townsquare Media's "i107.1" (KRQN Vinton-Cedar Rapids), as well as rimshot signals from Townsquare's Quad Cities and Waterloo CHR outlets. (10/2/2017)

KLBF/89.1 (Lincoln-Bismarck) has returned to the air and is now carrying Christian Talk and Teaching from the Faith Radio Network. The change follows University of Northwestern-St. Paul, which owns the Faith Radio Network, buying KLBF from the Educational Media Foundation. Bismarck is the westernmost city where the network is heard and is one of the few markets where Northwestern operates a Faith Radio station but not a local Contemporary Christian format. (10/2/2017)

Wisconsin Public Radio has signed on a new FM signal in Wausau, bringing full-time analog reception of its Ideas Network to the city for the first time. W267BB/101.3 carries the Ideas Network's News/Talk format via the HD3 channel of WHRM/90.9 (Wausau), which carries WPR's NPR News & Classical Music network on its main channel. W267BB was purchased from WRVM Inc. and upgraded to 250 Watts. The Ideas Network is also heard on 54-Watt WLBL-FM/91.9 (Wausau), which shares time with WXPW/91.9 (Wausau). WLBL-FM is on the air weekdays from 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 5 p.m. to Midnight, with no Saturday broadcast. (9/30/2017)

The Upper Midwest has come out largely in the clear after the FCC looked for conflicts among this summer's applications for new FM translators under the AM revitalization window. Out of 108 pending applications in the Upper Midwest, only 11 are in conflict. They are:

MX Group 66: KVTK 102.1 (Vermilion, SD), KYNT 102.1 (Yankton, SD)
MX Group 82: WATK 99.5 (Antigo, WI), WXCO 99.5 (Wausau, WI)
MX Group 83: KFIZ 99.9 (Fond du Lac, WI), WVCY 99.9 (Oshkosh, WI)
MX Group 84: WFDL 93.9 (Fond du Lac, WI), WLAK 93.9 (New Holstein, WI), WOSH 93.9 (Oshkosh, WI)
MX Group 85: WDLS 92.7 (Baraboo, WI), WTTN 92.7 (Madison, WI)
(full national list)

Conflicting applicants now have until November 29 to reach settlement agreements or modify their application to specify a different frequency. Applications that are still in conflict after that date will head to auction. The release of the mutually exclusive list could mean that the FCC will soon act on some of the non-conflicting applications. (9/28/2017)

Hubbard Broadcasting's WDIO-DT (Duluth) and WIRT-DT (Hibbing) have added ION Television on channels 10.3 and 13.3 in 720p HD. ION's launch coincides with the stations' DT2 channel, which carries MeTV, being upgraded to 720p HD, joining the ABC HD signal on DT1. The addition of ION continues a trend of the network adding subchannel affiliates in markets where it doesn't own a primary station.

In other Twin Ports subchannel news, Quincy Media's KBJR-DT3 (Superior-Duluth) has dropped two hours of syndicated programming from 9 to 11 p.m. in favor of more content from Heroes & Icons Network, which now airs 20 hours per day unless pre-empted by local sports broadcasts. KBJR-DT3 is branded "My9" for the MyNetworkTV lineup that runs from 7 to 9 p.m. (9/27/2017)

Red River Broadcast Corporation's FOX affiliates in the Duluth and Fargo markets are now carrying Antenna TV programming from 2 to 5 a.m. The stations, KQDS-TV/21.1 (Duluth) and KVRR/15.1 (Fargo), continue to carry Antenna TV on their DT2 channels, but the addition gives Antenna TV some exposure in households whose provider doesn't carry the network. The classic TV programming replaces a weather loop, which continues in the 5 a.m. hour on both stations. (9/27/2017)

The Center for Communication and Development's KMOJ/89.9 (Minneapolis) has added two HD subchannels, including one simulcasting a central Minnesota station. KMOJ-HD2 is now carrying "the New Urban Hip-Hop sound" as "The Ice," complementing the Adult R&B format heard on KMOJ's main channel. A news release says "The Ice," which will also stream online, targets the 12-24 demographic with "established national and emerging artists from the Twin Cities and beyond." Meanwhile, KMOJ-HD3 is now relaying St. Cloud State University's KVSC/88.1 (St. Cloud), which features student-produced music and news programming. (9/26/2017)

WLAK/1530 (New Holstein) has returned to the air, carrying the same the Oldies format as WGBW/1590 (Denmark-Green Bay) with ABC Information Network news at the top of the hour. WLAK is a 350-Watt daytimer with rimshot coverage of Appleton and Oshkosh from a tower north of Chilton. The stations are owned by Mark Heller. (9/26/2017)

Cochise Broadcasting is donating KHSK/100.9 (Allen) to the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska as a result of a consent decree that was reached in May. KHSK is among nine radio stations that Cochise agreed to donate or surrender after an FCC analysis concluded that many of Cochise's stations had sought repeated periods of silence in their last license period. FCC filings indicate KHSK has only been on the air for several days in the past several years. Though KHSK is currently licensed for just 100 Watts, it has in the past had construction permits for a class C3 facility that would have provided rimshot coverage of Sioux City, Iowa, and Vermillion, South Dakota. (9/25/2017)

A celebration of life is set for Oct. 1 for longtime radio station owner John R. Linder, who died Friday, Sept. 22, at the age of 63 following a battle with cancer. Linder spent his entire career in radio, following his father Don and grandfather Harry, and his death comes two years after that of his father.

Linder had an interest in companies that own 17 radio stations in the Mankato, Marshall, Owatonna, Rochester, and Willmar markets, and other members of the Linder family own several more stations in Willmar. Additionally, Linder Farm Network programming airs on two dozen Minnesota stations.

The Linder stations are known for their strong commitment to local programming, bucking the trend of automation and syndication that has dominated the radio industry in recent decades. Linder was also known for treating his employees like family, with longtime KTOE personality Pete Steiner telling the Mankato Free Press that Linder would quietly advance a paycheck for an employee in need.

The celebration of Linder's life will be held at the Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery in Kasota on Sunday, Oct. 1, from 2 to 5 p.m. More details are available in the obituary on Mankato Mortuary's website. (9/24/2017)

KBAD-FM/94.5 (Sioux Falls) has gone silent less than two years after signing on with a mainstream Rock format, with owner Chuck Brennan blaming regulatory oversight of his Dollar Loan Center for the shutdown of KBAD and his other businesses. KBAD had launched with much fanfare on Thanksgiving 2015, promising 24-hour live programming and coverage of special events at Brennan's Badlands Pawn complex. The station's website says the KBAD-FM license and its 8,800 square-foot studio/office building are now for sale for minimum bids of $945,000 each. Brennan's Badlands Airtime, LLC purchased the frequency, formerly KCFS, from the University of Sioux Falls for $1.5 million in 2015 and upgraded it to 25kW. The Sioux Falls radio market is dominated by Midwest Communications and Townsquare Media, which both appear to be at the market cap for FM stations. (9/24/2017)

The Minneapolis-based FAN Network has added two affiliates:

In southwestern Minnesota, KWOA/730 (Worthington) and K262AR/100.3 (Worthington) apparently began carrying the network about a month ago. KWOA's website says it carries the FAN Network from 5:30 a.m. to Noon and 3 to 6:30 p.m., with NBC Sports Radio running evenings and overnights. Farm programming runs from Noon to 3 p.m. The station, owned by Absolute Communications II, had previously carried Soft Oldies and Joe Soucheray's syndicated afternoon show. AM 730's 1kW daytime signal has a wide coverage area across the region and can be heard in Sioux Falls, SD.

In north-central Minnesota, Hubbard Broadcasting's KNSP/1430 (Staples) began carrying the FAN Network earlier this month, with ESPN Radio running in evenings and overnights. KNSP had rebroadcast the Country format of KWAD/920 (Wadena) for about a quarter-century, though the stations have overlapping coverage areas. Hubbard stations in Brainerd and Bemidji also carry the FAN Network. (9/22/2017)

The MyNetworkTV lineup is now running later in the Twin Cities. FOX 9+ (WFTC), formerly known as My 29, is now running MyNetworkTV's prime time block of off-network reruns from 9 to 11 p.m. MNT airs from 7 to 9 p.m. Central time in most markets, but has allowed many affiliates to deviate from that time. The lineup had run from 8 to 10 p.m. last season on WFTC. MNT is operated by KMSP/WFTC parent Fox Entertainment Group. (9/20/2017)

W259BC/99.7 (Baraboo) and its originating station, WRPQ/740 (Baraboo), have flipped to Variety Hits as "Max FM," with a playlist heavy on `80s and `90s but also including current and recent hits. The change from Adult Contemporary follows Kory Hartman's purchase of the stations. Baraboo is also the community of license for Entercom Madison Classic Hits outlet WOLX/94.9, which carries a `70s-based playlist. (9/18/2017)

Independent Communications' KTTW (Sioux Falls) has added Cozi TV on channel 7.3. KTTW is a primary FOX affiliate and also carries This TV on 7.2. Cozi TV had previously been seen in Sioux Falls on Red River Broadcast Co.'s KDLT/46.2, which switched to Antenna TV last year. (9/17/2017)

In addition to the Omaha launch reported below, Stadium Network has also launched on channel 28.4 of KFXA (Cedar Rapids), channel 14.4 of WCWF (Suring-Green Bay), and channel 57.4 of WIFS (Janesville-Madison). Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns WCWF and operates KFXA, is a partner in the sports network. WIFS is owned by Byrne Acquisition Group. (9/17/2017)

Midwest Communications has brought the "Jack FM" Classic Hits/Classic Rock format to Fargo, displacing the "Mix 101.9" Adult Contemporary format on KRWK/101.9 (Fargo). RadioInsight reports the format launched at Midnight Tuesday morning (9/12) and notes that Midwest has also reserved Jack FM domain names that could be used in other markets. "Mix" was the only mainstream Adult Contemporary format in the market but lacked the heritage often associated with AC success. 101.9 has been home to several formats in the past two decades, including Country, Rock, and Talk. The format change leaves the Ingstad Adult Top 40 outlet "Big 98-7" (KLTA-FM Moorhead) as the closest thing to AC in Fargo. The "Jack FM" playlist mainly overlaps with two other Ingstad family outlets, Classic Hits station "106.9 The Eagle" (KEGK Wahpeton-Fargo) and Classic Rocker "107.9 The Fox" (KFPX Kindred-Fargo). (9/12/2017)

Several more Upper Midwest stations have added new subchannel network Light TV, which carries family-friendly classic TV shows. The network first launched in the region on KMSP/9.5 (Minneapolis) over the summer. It's also now on KDMI/19.3 (Des Moines), KWKB/20.2 (Iowa City-Cedar Rapids), and WIWN/68.2 (Fond du Lac-Milwaukee). Light TV replaces The Works on KWKB-DT2 and Evine TV on WIWN-DT2.

Elsewhere, KXVO (Omaha) has added Stadium Network on 15.4. KXVO operator Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the partners in the network. (9/10/2017)

TV listings indicate FOX 18 (KLJB Davenport) will begin airing a two-hour morning show on Monday, Sept. 18. It'll be the only live local newscast in the 7 to 9 a.m. timeslot, competing with the network morning shows and a repeat of WQAD's morning show on MyTV8.3. KLJB also carries an hour of news at 9 p.m. It's owned by Marshall Broadcasting and operated by Nexstar Broadcasting, which also owns CBS affiliate WHBF/4.1 and CW affiliate KGCW/26.1. (9/7/2017)

Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current" has signed on a third FM signal in Duluth: K231BI/94.1 began carrying the Adult Alternative network last week. It joins the rimshot signal of KZIO/104.3 (Two Harbors), which has carried "The Current" since June, and W215CG/90.9 (Duluth), which first brought the network to the Twin Ports last year. W215CG's programming originates on the HD2 signal of MPR News station WSCN/100.5 (Cloquet-Duluth). MPR bought KZIO and K231BI, which formerly carried an Active Rock format, from Red Rock Radio for $300,000 earlier this year and had taken K231BI off the air while it moved the transmitter to its own tower. The future of 90.9 has not been announced -- its coverage area is within 94.1's, and updated logos on the station's social media accounts do not include 90.9. MPR bought W215CG from Family Stations for $45,000 in 2015. MPR's stations are among nine public radio signals in the Twin Ports/Cloquet area. (9/6/2017)

Milwaukee PBS has eliminated two music channels ahead of the sign-off of one of its two broadcast channels. The Classical and Jazz had aired on channels 36.4 and 36.5 of WMVT (RF channel 35), and the station says its contracts to run the music expired on Aug. 31. WMVT will leave the air Jan. 8 as a result of the spectrum auction, and the station says WMVS (RF 8) will carry all six remaining channels currently seen on WMVS and WMVT. Milwaukee Area Tech College is receiving $84.9 million to take WMVT's transmitter off the air. Milwaukee is the only city in the Upper Midwest lacking a daily Classical music outlet on analog FM radio. (9/5/2017)

A new FM signal has brought a "Party" to suburban Milwaukee. As first reported by RadioInsight, WTKM/1540 (Hartford) has dropped its "Cruisin' 1540" Oldies format in favor of a broad Classic Hits mix as "Party 92.9" simultaneously with the launch of translator W225CP/92.9. WTKM has changed its callsign to WPTT. W225CP transmits from Menomonee Falls with 200 Watts, reaching suburbs including Mequon and Brookfield that are outside of WPTT's main coverage area. W225CP was moved from Saukville as a result of last year's AM revitalization filing window and remains licensed to that community. WPTT/W225CP is owned by Tomsun Media, which also owns unique Classic Country, Polka, and Talk outlet WTKM-FM/104.9 (Hartford). (9/1/2017)

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